Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Tinkering around the edges

Well I'm back at the keyboard again having made a few changes to behind the scenes things, and changing my photo at El Zed's request - she said I looked cross - and we can't have that!

This is the photo she requested; and it only took 11 goes to crop it and upload it, check it out and reject it, crop again so it didn't stretch and make my face look m-u-u-ch wider than it normally does .... you get the picture.

I am realising how hard it is to get online time in my house! I have two young adults and a husband competing with me, and I kinda haven't told them that I have a new blog as I feel a bit shy about it all. I also haven't worked out if they would be cool with their names being used and anecdotes involving them being told to the www so that will involve a discussion or two.

I have received a few encouraging comments already (thanks girls - I did get them after all) with ideas for posts and photos that could be fun. Topics may include my stash (is the world ready?), my UFOs / WIPs (how long have you got?) my reading lists (it could be very surprising!) and exhortations to bite the bullet and DO a second post.

So - in response to the latter request - see above text!

As for the rest - stay tuned!

(in response to hovering children "Alright, alright, you can have the computer now")

1 comment:

Lesley (El Zed) said...

Cooee! Well that's a much nicer pic, much more like our Laura.
You'll soon settle in and feel comfortable. You're up early though - is this the only time you can get your hands on the computer?